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Torsten Raudssus Visits Shadowcat

Sun Dec 2 16:30:25 2012

This week it was a pleasure to have Getty, Torsten Raudssus, visit us at the Castle Shadowcat offices and stay in Lancaster for a few days to hang with the Shadowcat Staff.

Getty visits Castle Shadowcat

Getty visits Castle Shadowcat

While he was here we held an emergency North West England Perl Mongueurs social at the local hostiliery (the Yorkshire House) with some drinks sponsored by Shadowcat Systems.

Getty is extremely well known online, a member of the duckduckgo team, tpf marketing committee, Enlightened Perl Organisation and a host of other Perl projects and libraries. Last week, along with the rest of the Shadowcat UK team, Getty attended and contributed to the London Perl Workshop.

If you are in the local area, and would like to visit the Shadowcat offices for a coffee, or an emergency social gathering, then please do not hesitate to contact us.