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The Animated Matt

Fri Dec 14 12:30:25 2012

In the continuing series of Steampunk inspired images that we are having created as avatars for the Shadowcat Staff we have had Matt S. Trout immortalised as a toon.

Getty visits Castle Shadowcat

Animated Matt S. Trout

This particular image was inspired by the popular web comic Girl Genius of which Matt is a fan. We took the basic notion of the scientist/engineer, added the personal touch of the chainsaw for which Matt is renown, used the touches that are common to all the images of this series (gthe cat logo on equipment) and voila, the image was created.

I think Jack Knight has managed to truly capture something of Matt's personality in this image, and anyone who knows Matt will see something of him in this image.

Look out for more images in this series coming soon.