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Shadowcat Presents at the Perl Oasis

Shadowcat Staff Give Presentations

Mon Jan 9 10:05:43 2012

This week Mark and Matt will be attending the Perl Oasis (in Orlando Florida from January 13th-15th 2012).

Shadowcat Systems has had a long history of engagement with this conference, Mark Keating gave a keynote speech two years ago and in 2011 and 2012 we have been proud to be associated with the event as the venue sponsors.

Mark will be doing a talk at the event on Marketing and the Perl world, Adventures in marketing: Part Two: Indiana Clones and the Wars of Doom. this is the second in a series of talks so naturally there is some punning in the titles. Matt will be talking about Tak, The First Thing Tak Did - Elegant Remote Control for Systadmins, his latest CPAN distribution.

I hope we see you there...

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