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Another Catalyst Author comes to Town

Jess Robinson Visits Shadowcat

Wed Jul 4 18:03:25 2012

Castaway in the Shadowcat Offices

Jess 'Castaway' Robinson in the Shadowcat Offices

For the second time this week we are glad to host a Catalyst author at the Shadowcat Systems offices (Castle Shadowcat) in Lancaster. Jess Robinson, better known as castaway, a contractor for Shadowcat who normally works remotely is taking the option of visiting the offices as part of a work project.

Jess is famous for maintaining the DBIx::Class documents, helping with maintaining other document projects, writing the anticipated DBIx::Class book and has recently started work on a Grant from the Perl Foundation to improve Cross-Compiling Perl code on other devices starting with Android.

It's always a pleasure to host Perl folks at the offices and to eat and drink in the evenings with them. It is more of a pleasure when they are also your remote work colleagues.

If you are in the Lancaster area and want to hot desk and spend an evening with the Shadowcat folks then just contact us.