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A Notable Invitation

Tue Jul 10 19:15:25 2012

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On 2nd March 2012 it was an enormous pleasure for us to send Shadowcat's own Matt S. Trout to Cluj (Romania) for the innagural meeting of It is now our great pleasure to announce that Shadowcat's Mark Keating has been invited to talk at the second meeting of the group on 9th August 2012.

This will be the summer meeting for and is titled: Adventures::In::Perl::Land. The call for papers is still open until the 25th July and will be either 15 minute or 5 minute (Lightning Talk) slots.

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"It is a great feeling to be invited to speak at the second meeting after Matt was a guest speaker for the first event," said Mark, "I am always humbled when people say they want to hear me speak, I am honoured that Evozon will be providing sponsorship to enable me to attend. A guest speakership is an enormous compliment especially when I attend so many great talks from other people in the community."

At this point Mark is still in discussion with the event organisers as to which talk(s) he will present on the night, but it will as usual be related to the Perl and to people and events in the community.

Mark will be taking his camera with him so hopefully there will be a chance to take a number of photographs of the event. Further details will be reported here and no doubt there will be at least one post on Mark's Shadowcat blog.