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Mark Keating's Writes 2 New Talks for

Brand New Talks

Mon Jul 16 11:10:25 2012

Logo for As mentioned in a previous news itemn Mark Keating will be presenting talks as the guest speaker at the second meeting, Adventures::In::Perl::Land, in Cluj on 9th August 2012.

After negotiation with the organisers Mark will be presenting two brand new talks that will be written especially for this meeting and will form a part of longer pieces which Mark wishes to build on in the coming year.

The two talks are: Three Big Ideas that Could be Done in Perl - in which Mark will discuss 3 things that he believes that we (the community) could build to help with the further marketing and evolution of our community and language; The Social Structure of a Community with the Family Perl, in which Mark will discuss the makeup of the community, how it reacts and how we need to guide and nurture it. Mark will also discuss his feelings about how the community interacts like a family and the various models for thinking about it.

As well as these two new talks Mark will be presenting a Lightning Talk, he will be doing the Perl and CPAN poem which is scheduled for most of the events he is attending this year.

Logo for Evozon The call for papers is still open, and the organisers are encouraging you to submit 15 minute talks or 5 minute lightning talks. The event is sponsored by the nice chaps at Evozon systems who are doing their utmost to build a great Perl community in Romania.

Mark hopes to see you there.