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A Catalyst Author comes to Town

Kieren Diment visits Shadowcat

Mon Jul 2 18:43:25 2012

           Kieren in the Shadowcat Offices
Kieren in the Shadowcat Offices

Once again we are glad to host Kieren Diment in the Shadowcat offices. Kieren last visited us four years ago when he was previously in the UK so when he returned this year he took the chance to visit once again.

Kieren hails from the sunny shores of Australia where he currently lives. He is the author, with Matt S. Trout - Jess Robinson - Eden Cardim (all of Shadowcat fame), of the Definitive Guide to Catalyst and the current Catalyst docs maintainer.

It's always a pleasure to host Perl folks at the offices and to eat and drink in the evenings with them.

If you are in the Lancaster area and want to hot desk and spend an evening with the Shadowcat folks then just contact us.