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Taking a Break*

Taking a Break*

Thu Jul 5 13:12:25 2012

Last night, Wednesday 4th July, Matt S. Trout slipped and broke his hip on the towpath near to the Shadowcat offices.

Initial diagnosis is that the break is quite severe, but after an operation and a good period of rest Matt is expected to make a full recovery. More details of this will be made available and no doubt will be a feature of his blog in the coming weeks and months. This was a rare occurance in one so young and is likely to be one of those one-in-a-million events where a small fall combines with the odd landing.

When we spoke to Matt his first responses were at his dismay that something should happen in this fashion to someone so active (he walks almost everywhere) and sober (not always, just at this time).

Mark Keating has promised to write a short post to update people on his condition and to record some of the comments and speculatiions of friends and colleagues. We will keep the world updated on this site as more information is available.

In true hard-core coder style, Matt wasn't phased, as he put it "brain and hands still work fine, so no real affect to future plans for development and evolution of the environment."

If you wish to pass on any comments or regards please don't hesitate to contact Shadowcat or Mark Keating.

* This is one of the worlds worst puns, I apologise.