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Castaway Awarded Her TPF Grant

A Greatly Deserved Award

Wed Jun 6 00:30:05 2012

We are delighted to hear and further announce the great news of Jess 'Castaway' Robinson being awarded her Perl Foundation grant:

We at Shadowcat were aware of the grant going through, but due to several compelling reasons, particularly Mark being the marketing chair of the TPF, Matt being a strong personality in the Perl community, and Jess currently consulting with Shadowcat Systems, we felt it improper to make a comment on the application.

We knew that Jess was the right person to do this work as her love of Perl and knowledge of Android and its importance are exemplary. We, at Shadowcat, have a good understanding, and a deep respect, of how excellent her Perl skills are, so we waited (a little impatiently) for the news to be announced to the world so that we could congratulate her.

It is heartening to learn that this grant will be mentored by Tom Hukins and Renee Bäcker who are well respected in the community and have a great deal of experience between them.

Mark knew of the success of the application ahead of its announcement but waited for the official release on the Foundation blog before authorising any press releases from Shadowcat.

Once again we want to congratulate Jess and look forward to her constant updates to us on our internal staff channels and on Twitter, Facebook and the Perl Foundation blog.

Grant Application

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