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French Perl Workshop

Matt Trout Attends as a Guest Speaker

Mon Jun 25 19:40:05 2012

Matt S. Trout will be attending the French Perl Workshop this week as a guest speaker.

Matt will be talking on both the Friday and Saturday afternoons, his first talk will be on Moo and how it is a 2/3rds (-ish) implementation of Moose on the Friday with a more philosophical/methods based talk on dual implementations on the Saturday.

As always Matt will be available in the Hallways and outside buildings in designated smoking areas for the convenient chats and at the bar providing fruitful apropos verbiage[1] in the evenings.

If you are attending, and you should, Matt hopes to meet you there.

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Moo - almost, but not quite, two thirds of Moose
Postmodern deconstructionism

[1] It's a skill that needs to be honed with the application of time, instruction, heapings of colloquial idioms, cultural artefacts, idiosyncratic observations and lashings of foamy beer.

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