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Tue Jun 5 14:30:05 2012

Shadowcat Systems will be joining the local organisation dedicated to making trade a sustainable endeavour, the Lancaster Ethical Small Traders Association (ESTA).

Shadowcat Systems are unlikely to directly affect the local trade with our standard business activities, our client base is international and we do not consume much in the way of locally produced resources. However, this doesn't mean that we wouldn't benefit from a sustained local environment. It is good for any business to be in an area of sustained wealth and enterprise.

The principal reason for our involvement is a strong local community ties in with our broader goals of sustainable community endeavours. Many of the projects and organisations we are involved with are distributed communities, so it is apt to be a part of a local initiative.

There is little doubt that Shadowcat's involvement will remain passive as we are always an active participant in any organisation we are connected with.

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