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Lighting up an Olympic Moment

Crowds gather despite the weather

Fri Jun 22 15:43:25 2012

A number of people got caught in the rain

This year the Olympics are being held in the UK and as part of that event the Olympic Torch is doing a circuit of the United Kingdom. A portion of its journey was its visit to the City of Lancaster and associated environs today and passed right by the Shadowcat Systems offices.

There were a number of people who braved the, rather horrid, June weather to see the torch pass by, thankfully those of us in the office who cared were able to watch the event from the relative warmth, and total dryness of the office.

the Olympic torch and spirit were still lit

Mark brought his zoom lens into the office and was able to snap some images of the torch as it went by. The complete set is available on Flickr and you can view them there.

This was a once in a lifetime event and although there is much to debate about the value of the whole games and related epherma it is still interesting to see a slice of history and record it.

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