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Mark Keating organises Send A Newbie 2012

Organised for the Third Year

Sun Jun 24 19:15:15 2012

Send a newbie banner

Once again Shadowcat Systems' Mark Keating will be organising and arranging the Send-A-Newbie Initiative(SAN) on behalf of the Enlightened Perl Organisation.

The SAN initiative is a project aimed at bringing a new person to a major Perl Conference, usually the YAPC::EU, if they have never attended a major Perl event previously. The applications are open to anyone irrespective of age or background. It is a financial award aimed at bringing the experience of a large community event to those who otherwise would be restricted financially from attending.

This is the third year that the event has been organised by Mark and this year he will be hoping to meet with the attendees and maybe organise interaction between them and other Perl personalities.

The initiative survives solely on donations from companies or individuals. The donations can be of any size and are an on-going scheme as any money remaining from one year is instantly moved to the following year.

Why not donate today, or approach Mark for details of having your logo/message on the SAN site.

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