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A Corporate-Community Partnership

Fri Jun 1 11:00:05 2012

As mentioned, in the general social media space, Shadowcat Systems was recently very proud to work along side Suretec (with their SureVoip platform) on some sponsored development for Perl.

Shadowcat Systems' Eden Cardim worked alongside Suretec's Gavin Henry to create an Oauth 2 framework for the Catalyst MVC. Shadowcat provided expertise and a reduced rate for paid developer time and Suretec paid for the development.

A collaboration such as this has helped to bring a needed tool to the wider community and this is not the first time we have been proud to do this with our clients. At a later point Mark Keating will be writing a longer series of thoughts on distributed sponsorship and corporate responsibility in programming communities. For now we, at Shadowcat, would like to praise all those involved and in particular thank Gavin for his continued devotion to the community and Eden for his excellent coding skills.

Surevoip Announcement
Module link on MetaCPAN
Catalyst Framework

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