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March 2012 News

March 2012 News Archive

Thu Mar 1 00:00:00 2012

This is the shadowcat news archive for March 2012.

Sponsoring the QA Hackathon

In just a week from today the attendees will be gathering for the 2012 Perl Quality Assurance Hackathon. Once again Shadowcat Systems is proud to be counted amongst the list of sponsors.

This year our sponsorship was split in several ways. We directly sponsored Barbie's attendance as we believe that getting an important community member to the event reaps an enormous dividend for the community. We sponsored the event with a bursary to make the total that we contributed to a round figure of £500 (GBP).

Shadowcat also indirectly helped the sponsorship of the event. As members and contributors to the Enlightened Perl Organsiation we proposed, encouraged and supported its sponsorship of the event. Mark was available to the organisers of the event to help out as they needed him, and he also wrote several posts in support of the event and helped to find sponsors for the Hackathon. Mark also supported the sponsoring of Ricardo Signes by the Perl Foundation. Mark also made a personal donation to the event.

We hope that the delegates are able to achieve a number of aims over their time at the Hackathon and look forward to hearing reports of their successes. The most essential success is in bringing the diverse number of people together so that they can plan, discuss and further the field of quality assurance for Perl and CPAN, a cause which benefits everyone in the community.

2012 Perl QA Hackathon
2012 QA Sponsors

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NWE Hackday #1

This Saturday, 24th March, the North West England Perl Mongers will be holding the first of their four hackdays for 2012. Three of these events will be virtual and the fourth will be held at the Shadowcat Systems offices with beer and pizza provided.

Shadowcat Systems will once again open its doors to people who wish to attend the hack day as a physical entitiy for this virtual event. The hackday will be focussing on the Presenting Perl site and the Enlightened Perl Organisation's new membership pages. You can read mdk's blog post to get more information.

Please bring along your own project or attend physially or virtually. We look forward to seeing you at the weekend. If you wish to attend at the Shadowcat office then contact mark beforehand.

North West England Perl Mongers
Shadowcat Systems
mdk's blog post
Presenting Perl
Enlightened Perl Organisation

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Matt Trout to speak at Floss UK Spring Conference

Matt S. Trout will be appearing at the FLOSS UK Spring Conference from 20th-22nd March 2012 in Edinburgh. Matt arrives in Edinburgh on the 19th March and will be staying in the city centre.

The FLOSS UK Spring Conference, formerly the UKUUG Spring Conference is an essential event for System Admins and Project Leaders and Shadowcat has tried to maintain a yearly presence of speaking at these events so it was great to be able to send Matt to once again attend and speak.

This year Matt will be presenting a talk on Tak as well as indulging in the atmosphere and contributing to lively hallway track talks. Hopefully he will see you there.

Spring Conference Homepage
Spring Conference Talks
Spring Conference Speakers

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Matt Trout attends Open Source Days

Matt S. Trout has been invited to speak at Open Source Days in Copenhagen on March 11th 2012.

Matt will give a technical presentation on Tak The First Thing Tak Did: Elegant Remote Control for Sysadmins

The event is being sponsored and hosted by Fab:IT and DKUUG and Matt's attendance at the event, travel and accommodation, is sponsored.