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NWE Hackday #1

Being Physical in a Virtual Environment

Mon Mar 19 14:25:30 2012

This Saturday, 24th March, the North West England Perl Mongers will be holding the first of their four hackdays for 2012. Three of these events will be virtual and the fourth will be held at the Shadowcat Systems offices with beer and pizza provided.

Shadowcat Systems will once again open its doors to people who wish to attend the hack day as a physical entitiy for this virtual event. The hackday will be focussing on the Presenting Perl site and the Enlightened Perl Organisation's new membership pages. You can read mdk's blog post to get more information.

Please bring along your own project or attend physially or virtually. We look forward to seeing you at the weekend. If you wish to attend at the Shadowcat office then contact mark beforehand.

North West England Perl Mongers
Shadowcat Systems
mdk's blog post
Presenting Perl
Enlightened Perl Organisation

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