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Mark Keating Helps Organise GCi 2012/13

Paperwork, People and Promotion

Sun Nov 4 10:30:25 2012

Logo for the Google Code-In 2012

Once again the Managing Director, Mark Keating, of Shadowcat Systems will be helping to organise the Google Code-In on behalf of the Perl Foundation and the Perl Community in 2012/13.

At this point the organisation has not yet been officially accepted, however, Paul Johnson (chief Organiser) and Mark (back-up Organsier) have already started the task of collecting tasks, mentors and organising applications and promotion for the event.

The announcement for acceptance will be made on the 12th November at which point the work of organisation will start in earnest.

Up until that point people may add suggestions of tasks to the wiki, sign up as mentors, enter the irc channel and join in on the conversation to help get the event up and running. Most important at this point is that we get a number of suggestions on the wiki.

If you think you can help follow the links below and join in the initiative.