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Shadowcat hosts the NWE Hackday

Once More into the Breach

Sun Nov 11 18:00:25 2012

Shadowcat Systems will once again have the honour of hosting the North West England Perl Mongers physical Hackday this week at its conference room office in Castle Shadowcat.

This will be the fourth year in succession that the event has been hosted at Castle Shadowcat and the first year in which both the current leaders of North West England Perl Mongers, Mark Keating and Ian Norton have been employees at Shadowcat.

Hackdays are always special to us at Shadowcat, and it is a great privilege to open our doors to people to use the office space in a creative fashion.

If you would like to attend in person to work on one of the Hackday projects or to work on something yourself and enjoy free beverages, snacks and company then drop Mark a line at m.keating(at)