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Ian Norton to present two Workshops at LPW

Learning Together...

Sun Oct 7 21:35:25 2012

Ian Norton will be presenting two workshops at the London Perl Workshop aimed at people new to Perl or coming to Perl from a different programming language.

The first workshop will focus on some of the basics of Perl and how it handles logic and control structures which will highlight some of the differences in Perl to other scripting languages.

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Ian Norton presenting at LPW2011

The second workshop is more of a clinic, Ian has called it a Perl Surgery. the idea is for neophyte programmers, and junior Perlers to come along and discuss some of the issues they are having and the whole group will examine the problem and come to a solution together. It is intended to complement the first session.

This second workshop is a new element for the London Perl Workshop and we are hoping it will be successful. I will be inviting someone to conduct a more senior session to complement Ian's work.

Roadside map of the region

Ian discusses a problem solving exercise with two students at LPW2011

We at Castle Shadowcat have a long association with the London Perl Workshop. Mark, Chrissie, and Matt have been heavily involved with the event since 2007, and we always like to encourage our staff and friends to take part.

If you are thinking of attending, and you should as it is a great event, we hope to meet you there.