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Ian Norton to continue the monthly NWE Training Sessions

Learning Together, Again ...

Mon Oct 15 18:50:25 2012

Ian Norton has announced the date and topics for the October North West England Perl Mongers meeting which will once again be held at the Manchester Hack Space.

Northwest England Perl Mongers will be gathering on Thursday 25th of October for informal banter, takeaway food and of course our increasingly popular Perl tutorial!

Gathering at the Manchester Hackspace on 44 Edge Street near Madlab our "Learning Perl Together" series aims to cross train developers of other languages in Perl.

Following a discussion of Perl data types and references last month, we'll be talking about modular and reusable code. We'll be turning some code into functions and learning about the Perl Test Anything Protocol, which is now in wide use outside of the Perl community. Why not pop along and see if you can pick up something new or tell us why you prefer coding in your $language of choice.

Come along to the Manchester Hackspace and say hello from 19:00 onwards - North West England meetings page.

We at Castle Shadowcat have a long association with the local Perl Mongers group. the group was founded by Mark Keating and Ian Norton after the London Perl Workshop in 2008.

If you are thinking of attending, and you should as it is a great night, we hope to meet you there.