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Matt S. Trout guests at Italian Perl Workshop

'It wouldn't be an Italian Perl Workshop without Matt...'

Thu Oct 4 21:35:25 2012

Logo for Italian Perl Workshop

As reported earlier this year Matt S. Trout will be attending the Italian Perl Workshop 2012 as a guest speaker from 11-12 October 2012.

The Italian Perl Workshop is a 'roving' event that changes its host city to accommodate the diverse Italian Perlverse. This year the Workshop will be held in the historic city of Bologna.

Matt has been an attendee at the event for a number of years and it is always an honour for Shadowcat for him to be invited as a guest speaker. It has been stated by one of the organisers that 'it wouldn't be an Italian Perl Workshop without Matt'.

Matt will be presenting two talks while in Italy, the first will be on Data Query and the second on Web Simple.

If you are thinking of attending, and you should, Matt hopes to meet you there.