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Matt S. Trout to present at LPW2012

Tue Oct 30 18:10:25 2012

Matt S. Trout will be presenting two talks and a Lightning Talk at the London Perl Workshop 2012.

This continues a tradition of Shadowcat presenting talks at the London Perl Workshop along with a number of other Perl workshops and conferences each year.

Matt's two talks will be:

Data::Query - from vapour to reality ( described as, "I've been rambling about this thing for years now; the ideas started somewhere in 2008, the reality a year or two ago. It's been worth the time - I truly believe this is the future of query generation in perl, and I have a working version of DBIx::Class using it as proof."

Fast, furious, fatpacked and fun ( described as, "Small but useful applications, implemented with rapidity, installable with alacrity, rich in manipulexity - a world of possibilities ..."

You can view Matt S. Trout Profile at:

As always a number of Shadowcat staff will be present at the London Perl Workshop and we hope to see you there.