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Shadowcat and the Digital Humanities

Perl Leads the Pack in Textual Analysis

Thu Sep 27 13:45:25 2012

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It isn't very often that we at Castle Shadowcat get to talk about the work we do for our clients. This isn't out of any disrespect to the wonderful services they provide it is more that we are often involved in the deep guts of systems where the information is either so complex only a programmer would have any hope of understanding it, so not very newsworthy, or of a sensitive nature to the clients business model or internal services, so not able to be newsworthy.

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This year, however, we have been involved with some clients where the end project and work is related to either the release of an open source API that is done as part of a work of sponsored development (see the news item on our partnership with SureVoip for example) or for a application that is open to the wider world as an open service.

One of these has been our work with Tara Andrews, the Stemaweb Project (Stemaweb Site) and the University of KU Leuven. This has been for us a fascinating project because it is a worthy academic pursuit and because we were able to work with an expert in both Perl and Stemmatic Analysis. It is also nice that we are able to point at a real world initiative and feel a small measure of pride that we were able to help bring it to a wider audience.

Shadowcat's part was to provide expert help in some of the projects construction, and the creation of modules and libraries, including the authorisation process, the real honour remains with Tara Andrews (and her colleagues) for bringing this whole project to life.