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Mark Keating Gets Animated

Becoming the Steampunk Victorian Gentleman

Thu Sep 20 13:20:25 2012

           MDK in SteamPunk visage

Over the coming year we at Castle Shadowcat* have decided to introduce some whimsy for the portrayal of staff, and perhaps some of the community projects, by having ourselves depicted as cartoon caricatures.

* The 'we' in this case would be one half of the gestalt that is our erstwhile leader, MattMark. To be precise it is Mark who originated the thought, based on the idea that existing mst chainsaw image was still good to use but needed companion pieces. From this it was decided to do the staff as Steampunk, Dieselpunk or Cyberpunk characters with a vague nod in the direction of existing comics such as League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, Atomic Robo etc.

We have comissioned a local Lancaster artist, Jack Knight of Knight Time Creations to do the staff as a continuing series. We will start with the individual staff members as full standing creations in a style that they themselves will work with Jack to create and then move onto further phases from there.

This is the very first piece that is completed (larger version below) and will now be used in a variety of ways both on our site, in media future promotion. The next staff member will be commissioned in October and you can be sure that we will show you results once we have them.

Keep your eyes peeled for this picture in the wild and the continuing series.

Steampunk Keating

Full size view of the Steampunk Keating