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April 2013 News

April 2013 News Archive

Mon Apr 1 00:00:00 2013

This is the shadowcat news archive for April 2013.

New T-Shirts in the SC Offices

As many of you following the news from Castle Shadowcat will know we have had a series of images created by Jack Knight of Knight Time Creations. Our Steampunk Themed images are being used on promotional material and on documentation to give a distinct look connected to our very distinct presence.

This week we have received a batch of the first clothing to bear the new images. There will be more of these available over the coming months to be given out as promotional items and also to be sold to the general populace as part of a continuing expansion of the image.

The first three designs have received a lot of interest not just from staff but from friends to Shadowcat, they are presented below for your judgement. Why not write to us, tweet or comment and tell us what you think of them.

First design on Grey t-shirt

First design on Grey t-shirt

Second design on orange t-shirt

Second design on Orange t-shirt

Third design on Green t-shirt

Third design on Green t-shirt

Dave Golden Visits Shadowcat

In our usual style we would like to talk about some of the recent guests to Castle Shadowcat, we begin with Dave Golden.

As you may know from previous news articles we recently organised the fifth Perl QA Hackathon in Lancaster. A large number of delegates were invited and they arrived in Lancaster, and some at the Castle Shadowcat, on the Thursday before the event.

The wonderful xdg, Dave Golden of CPAN testers fame, arrived in Lancaster a day earlier so that he could mitigate some of the crippling effects of jet lag and stayed with Shadowcat Staffers Ian and Claire.

While Dave was here he took the opportunity to be a denizen of the Castle and do a little pre-event hackery as our guest.

Dave Golden in the Office

Dave Golden in the Office

Bring me the Head of Pingu

As you might be aware from my previous articles this weekend is the fifth Perl QA Hackathon which is being held in Lancaster.

As many of the delegates arrive they have to make their way to the Shadowcat Offices and then shown to the hotel once they are assembled. We thought it might be a little confusing as to which offices are ours so we came up with a novel, if somewhat jocular and childish, solution.

We hung Pingu, the North West England Perl mongers mascot, out of the window. We hung him by a proper noose made from CAT5 cable, as you have to do these things properly.

I think for this event we can forego the decorum and respectability and engage a little in the whimsy.

Pingu hanging from the window

Pingu hanging from the window

Pingu on his Jibbet

Pingu on his Jibbet

QA Hackathon Starts This Weekend

This weekend sees the sixth Perl QA Hackathon and will occur this year in the historical town of Lancaster in the north-west of England.

The event has gone from strength to strength with each year seeing a larger number of attendees who assemble to improve the tools that many of us use in our day to day lives. The list of targets on the wiki has grown quite impressive and we will be tweeting and blogging about the achievements over the weekend.

This event has been made possible by the generosity of many sponsors, and if you would like to join them as a sponsor, or make a personal donation you can still do so.

Shadowcat Systems have not only sponsored but will be part hosting the event as the organisers, Mark, Ian and Claire, are all members of our illustrious staff.

The event is a highpoint for the region and part of the strong commitment to open source and Perl favoured by Shadowcat and its staff.

Stop all the clocks, cut off the telephone

It is with great sadness that we report on the recent loss of another friend, and member of Shadowcat Systems' extended family.

Adrian Trout, father to our Chief Technical Officer Matt S. Trout, passed away over the Easter period. We have paused a short while before announcing his passing on this site.

We are sure that you share our condolences with Matt, a funeral will be held this coming Wednesday, 10th April 2013, where Adrian will be laid to rest with Sandra who we lost last year.

Adrian was one of the few people to whom the phrase 'a clear intellect' could easily be used. He will be greatly missed.