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QA Hackathon Starts This Weekend

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Tue Apr 9 19:38:14 2013

This weekend sees the sixth Perl QA Hackathon and will occur this year in the historical town of Lancaster in the north-west of England.

The event has gone from strength to strength with each year seeing a larger number of attendees who assemble to improve the tools that many of us use in our day to day lives. The list of targets on the wiki has grown quite impressive and we will be tweeting and blogging about the achievements over the weekend.

This event has been made possible by the generosity of many sponsors, and if you would like to join them as a sponsor, or make a personal donation you can still do so.

Shadowcat Systems have not only sponsored but will be part hosting the event as the organisers, Mark, Ian and Claire, are all members of our illustrious staff.

The event is a highpoint for the region and part of the strong commitment to open source and Perl favoured by Shadowcat and its staff.