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Dave Golden Visits Shadowcat

XDG in da Castle

Wed Apr 24 13:00:00 2013

In our usual style we would like to talk about some of the recent guests to Castle Shadowcat, we begin with Dave Golden.

As you may know from previous news articles we recently organised the fifth Perl QA Hackathon in Lancaster. A large number of delegates were invited and they arrived in Lancaster, and some at the Castle Shadowcat, on the Thursday before the event.

The wonderful xdg, Dave Golden of CPAN testers fame, arrived in Lancaster a day earlier so that he could mitigate some of the crippling effects of jet lag and stayed with Shadowcat Staffers Ian and Claire.

While Dave was here he took the opportunity to be a denizen of the Castle and do a little pre-event hackery as our guest.

Dave Golden in the Office

Dave Golden in the Office