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White Cross Business Awards

Proud to be Recognised

Thu Aug 22 11:30:00 2013

Recently, which is to say during the month of July, Shadowcat Systems was happy to compete for a small business award as part of the White Cross Business Awards 2013. This event, which was an initiative run for the business of the White Cross Industrial Estate, saw a moderate sum of money available to share between businesses seeking to grow.

Shadowcat have been undergoing a process of expansion, and we have also started a programme of investment in staff improvement, so it seemd a natural step to compete for an award to help further fund this.

Managing Director, Mark Keating, was responsible for applying, managing and presenting to the award committee and we are happy to announce that we were granted an award which we shall use in the coming quarter.

We, at Castle Shadowcat, would like to extend our grateful thanks to Lancashire Business Development and to White Cross for giving us this opportunity.

Mark Keating receiving the Business Award

Mark Keating receiving the Business Award at the Shadowcat Systems offices on Wednesday, 21st August