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A Knight to Remember

Jack Jumps In

Mon Dec 9 11:00:00 2013

Castle Shadowcat is always glad to welcome visitors to their office. This week we were honoured with a visit from Jack Knight of KnightTime Creations in our office.

Jack who is familiar to regular visitors to this site is the creator of our much applauded caricatures of staff and cats that have been gracing our promotional material for the last 12 months.

Jack visited us to finally come and dwell for a while in the developers dungeon and to talk to Claire, PA at Shadowcat who will be getting the full KnightTime treatment in the coming weeks. Keep tuned for more illustrated goodness and in the meantime here's a couple of snaps of the talented chap at work.

jack Knight

The wonderful Jack Knight of Knight Time Creations

jack Knight

Jack scetching while mapping out ideas with Claire