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Lancaster Beer Birthday

Celebrating Eight (great) Years

Tue Feb 12 12:55:00 2013

To celebrate the birthday of Shadowcat Systems (we will be a nicely rounded 8 in early April) we at Castle Shadowcat have decided to sponsor the Lancaster And Morecambe Round Table as part of the Lancaster Beer Festival.

The money we have sponsored will be used by the organisation to support several notable charity efforts in the coming year, which makes it a worthwhile cause.

of no less importance to the denizens of Castle Shadowcat is the fact that it gives us sponsorship of a specific beer, which we will partake of, and some beer tokens and commemorative glasses on the evening which we shall add to with more beer tokens and food tokens so that we might have a rather spiffing night out.

The Beer Festival will be held at the Town Hall between 7th-9th March, we will be attending the Thursday night, en masse, and it is likely that there will be little work done on the Friday following this. Our clients will no doubt understand and we shall do all we can to lock Murphy into a box so that he shall not strike.

If you are in the area on that night we hope to see you there.