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New Development and Support Opportunities

Offering cPanel and WHM Support

Fri Feb 22 16:20:00 2013

Shadowcat Systems recently started to offer consultancy, development and support for cPanel and WHM. We now have a simple form where you can submit requests if you have a business need or a project in mind.

As usual we can provide a number of services from business integration requirements to project goals.

  1. Systems installation, configuration, management;
  2. Support for modern perl development, including CPAN library installation and use;
  3. Creation of business frameworks, with a paticular expertise deploying Catalyst and related libraries;
  4. Full database management using ORM/DBI technology such as DBIx::Class, with expertise in:
    1. MongoDB;
    2. MySQL;
    3. PostgreSQL and other database systems;
  5. Development architecture consulting, including:
    1. project breakdown;
    2. design;
    3. revision control;
    4. release management process;
    5. deployment automation;
  6. Custom software implementation of web applications, network services and automated provisioning systems.

The desire to support, promote and utilise highly visible perl projects, to see them adopted, configured and utilised by commercial interests, has been at the heart of our business strategy for a number of years. It is the reason we are involved with interests such as the Enlightened (Modern) Perl movements, supporters of Perl community events and hosts of projects, modules and libraries.

cPanel and WHM support is the first visible stage of our evolving business focus and product support. In the coming months we will be launching several other Perl, and non-Perl, specific product packages. Email for more information or fill out the form