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LuneLab Maker Night

LuneLab Maker Night

Mon Jan 7 19:55:00 2013

On Thursday night, the 10th January 2013, we will be hosting Lancaster's first HackSpace evening at the Shadowcat offices (Castle Shadowcat) in White Cross. A HackSpace is a physical location where people who wish to pursue their own hardware passions can meet and share knowledge, expertise and war stories. Often they are physical locations, but to be quite honest anywhere the people meet becomes the physical location at the time and until we have a permanent residence Shadowcat have offered to host to encourage people to collect together.

Lancaster HackSpace Evening with room for Creatives

I was asked if a hackspace can offer room to other types of Maker activities. This question was whether someone who shared the same passion for mixing technology, science and art would be welcome to come and work on their own projects. in particular they were going to come and work on some card making projects but may at a later date bring other craft activities and hope to incorporate using technology such as electronics and 3D printing into their crafting/creative side.

I understand some people see a HackSpace as a purely technical, engineering or computing related area, whereas others see it as a fusion space for creatives from any background who share particular passions and interests.

At this point, there seems to be a consensus to allow anyone with an interest in technology, creativity, craft, the sharing of skills and information who wish to come and work on their own projects or share and work collaboratively with others, the space to do so. I am hoping that this is a model that we find easy enough to support and grow in our local community.

Please feel free to come and join us on Thursday night, we will be providing coffee, tea, soft drinks and biscuits to the attendees.