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A Greater Turn

Far More Shadowcat Staff At LPW2013

Mon Jul 8 21:00:00 2013

This week saw the announcement of the London Perl Workshop 2013, named Decadon (a rather slim amalgamation of London and Decade).

As always the Shadowcat team are to be fully involved in the running of this event and this year there will be a stronger than ever presence with:

  • Mark 'mdk' Keating - Chief Organiser
  • Matt S. 'mst' Trout - Presenting
  • Chrissy 'epitaph' Jackson - Registration and Route Organisation
  • Ian 'idn' Norton - Workshop Training and Events
  • Claire 'clj' Jackson - Administration and Registration
  • Tom 'TBSliver' Bloor - Organiser (also Mr Minion and Organiser's Pet)

We have progressed over the last six years from running the event with Mark in that role on his own with matt presenting to taking a whole team to the conference. The growing popularity and strength of the LPW has matched the growth of the UK team.

We are hoping that other Shadowcat Assembly, Jess 'Castaway' Robinson, Paul 'LeoNerd' Evans and Ash 'ash' Berlin will also be present at the event and give help and/or presentations.

See you on the journey and at the destination.