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Kickstart or Evolve your cPanel/WHM

Kickstart and evolve your cPanel and WHM deployments

Tue Mar 5 13:00:00 2013

Shadowcat Systems was proud to launch recently a service offering support, consultancy and development for cPanel and WHM. We can now add to that honour by announcing that we have been accepted on to the WHM website as a service provider.

Are you considering deploying cPanel or WHM. Have an existing deployment that you want to customise. Have a deployment or integrate with other systems? Or know someone who does then Shadowcat can help.

Shadowcat has a cross disciplinary team that can offer the resources you need to maximise a deployment's business value. We can bring process and project management, systems configuration and automation, and development and integration together to achieve business goals.

If you want to deploy cPanel as a turn key solution, we can help with installation, configuration and management. If you're customising your existing system, we can help you to write or improve plugins that provide the exact experience you want. If you're integrating with other systems, we already have experts in the best practice libraries to get your cPanel installation talking to them.

Visit cpanel at Shadowcat now to start the conversation.