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YAPC NA Draws Closer

Shadowcat Staff Open and Close NA

Thu May 23 14:40:00 2013

There are just 10 days left before the official start of YAPC::NA::2013::Austin which will be attended by Shadowcat's very own Mark Keating ( and Matt S. Trout (

We have a very special privilege this year as Mark will be opening the conference with his keynote on the first twenty five years of Perl and Matt will be closing the event with the State of the Velociraptor. These two talks are part of a trilogy around the conference theme of 25 Years of Perl.

The theme has some Dickensian overtones as the organisers have termed the three talks:

Matt will also be giving a talk on Architecture Automation.

If you are attending the event we recommend that you grab Mark or Matt and say hello. It may be wise to join in with the Hallway++ initiative that will once again be running at the event.