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Let's All Celebrate Claire

From PT to PA

Tue Nov 26 07:00:13 2013

This month has seen a plethora of staff changes at Shadowcat Systems marking news item after news item of staffy goodness. So in keeping, it is our enormous pleasure to announce another staff change.

Visitors to Castle Shadowcat and those that have traipsed past registration at Perl QA or London Perl Workshop will already be familiar with the cheery smile of our very own Claire Jackson.

Claire has been a resident of the hallowed halls of Shadowcat since earlier this year when our CEOs decided they needed someone to find them in their mountain of paperwork and asked Claire to come dig them out.

Claire's continuing success in easing our administration issues and her continuing involvment in the re-structring of the Shadowcat Militia brought us to offer her the new post of Project Admin and PA to the Directors (why have one role when you can be pressured with two).

It is quite a challenge as those roles have competing forces. But of one thing we are sure, when it comes to swinging the Morningstar of Administration, Claire has a mightly left-handed thwack.*

  • You have to watch out for those South-paws, with their sinister offset of approach.