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The Newly Titled

Marshalling the Troops

Wed Nov 20 10:00:45 2013

The month of November appears to be full of motion and direction in regards to Shadowcat and its staff. We started by acquiring extra hands to man the battlements in the shape of Ribasushi and kd. But, what use are hands without direction, without a body to control them?

Allow me to introduce the new General Manager for Shadowcat Systems, our very own Ian Norton.

Ian has been with Shadowcat for a little greater than a year and has been championing project management, documentation and shared perceptions to any ear he could nail to a nearby wall. With equal, and due, respect to this cause we our riposte has been to appoint him in this role.

We have absolute faith in the abilities, skills and knowledge that ian has and know he will grow both himself and the role in the coming weeks and months, for now we leave him happy, or at least gibbering quietly in a corner.