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Kieren Diment Signs Up

Now We Have Three of a Kind

Mon Nov 11 22:00:45 2013

Coming sharply on the heels of the great news about Ribasushi joining the Shadowcat team comes the news that Kieren Diment is also coming on board.

Kieren is well known in the Perl community as the author of the Catalyst book (The Definitive Guide to Catalyst) with our very own Matt S. Trout and Jess Robinson. However his skills are far more diverse and important than his affiliation with Perl and Catalyst. His skills in Circus performance will at least give him a flexible edge in the dungeons.

(Somebody grease the weasel)*

Kieren will be a strong member of the Shadowcat team allowing us to continue to perform a diverse, expert approach to a challenging environment. Those who have worked with him in the community know that his commitment to work match his commitment to the language and the community and these fall fully within the Shadowcat ethos.

Those of you who follow Shadowcat closely will know of our strong appreciation and affiliation with academia and the research culture and ethos. Kieren has a strong academic background and association, joining the Shadowcat team will help us to further how we evolve and enhance our credibility as a leading edge software development organisation.**

  • Everyone has to have an animal in their rituals

  • We are also quite forgiving of the matter of his antipodean status