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Ribasushi Joins the Team

Another Troll or Staffer?

Thu Nov 7 20:50:45 2013

Castle Shadowcat has always been proud of the hearty crew that staffs the walls and feeds the hairy trolls who live in the dungeons. So it is always a great pleasure when we ensnare another troll to feed. With that said it is an honour to report that Peter Rabbitson, known across the irc-webs as Ribasushi has joined the Shadowcat team.

Ribasushi is a keen community player and very famous for the work he does in connection with DBIx::Class where he is responsible for marshalling the releases and running day to day operational development.

It is a real joy to have Ribasushi as part of the Shadowcat team and we are all looking forward to his first visit to Castle Shadowcat next week.