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The Animated Epitaph

Here's Chrissy...

Thu Oct 17 15:50:13 2013

The delightful Jack Knight of KnightTime Creations has completed the next image in our collection of caricatures of staff and logos. This new drawing is of long time Shadowcat denizen Chrissy (famed as epitaph upon irc).

The brief this time around was to keep within the feel of the steampunk images but to incorporate some elements of Soviet Russia which is a time period in which Chrissy has an intellectual and historical interest. In fact Chrissy is a touch of an expert on Soviet history, technology and military as well as the obvious political elements.

Once again Jack has captured the person, the look, the theme and the feel of our vision and this image reflects that. We citizens of the Castle can't wait for the next one to arrive.