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Fresh Blood

The Intern Turns into the Full Member

Sun Oct 6 15:02:13 2013

As many of you who are familiar visitors to these pages will already know we employed, this year, an intern to help us develop our new services and to train fresh blood.

Tom has been a great success in the company and quickly settled into the Shadowcat culture and ethos. It is then a pleasure to report that we have been able to employ Tom as a full time member of the Shadowcat Team.

Tom starts at Castle Shadowcat in early October (Monday, 7th) where he will be placed on animal attendance and dungeon sweeping before working up to dogsbody, that is assuming he can get the dogs body of Bobby the Office Dog.

As the latest meat-space minion on the team staff, clients and visitors will be encouraged to treat him as his serf status allows. So marginally better than we treat the CEO.