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Mark Keating to join the Lancashire Forum

Being a Part of the Broader Community

Thu Sep 5 20:15:00 2013

The Chief Executive Officer (Managing Director in British parlance) of Shadowcat Systems, Mark Keating, recently applied for, and has now been accepted to, the first cohort of the Lancashire Forum. This initiative which is being run by Lancashire University Management School, in association with Boost Lancashire, University of Central Lancashire and Lancashire County Council is aimed at forging links between business, government and academia, it is a peer network and business growth programme.

Looking for like minded businesses to explore your innovation options? Businesses that innovate grow. They sell more and employ more people. The Lancashire Forum supports businesses to stimulate innovation and generate business growth

Mark was delighted to be accepted onto the first group and said:

this is a further chance for the internationally known and liked, in the Perl community, Shadowcat Systems to further grow links with the local community and be a part of an initiative that falls close to our own goals. Shadowcat has always maintained that a strong link between business, government, acadmeia and local communities is essential for strong economic and environmental development.

If you are in the first cohort Mark will be delighted to talk further with you, and if you are a part of a future cohort he would still love to chat.✗

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