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Fri Sep 27 14:50:44 2013

Since moving into the new Shadowcat Offices, here at Castle Shadowcat, our managing director has been stating that he needs a walking machine (treadmill) desk.

This is a desire bred into management and other admin. types to seem dynamic and progressive. He has said it will be good for the general health of the office and staff if we were all given access to such a device.

Most of us are familiar with his eccentricities.

There was one small stumbling block and that was the almost excessive cost of these devices. The entry level machine and desk combinations seem to be in excess of a thousand pounds with no guarantee of quality.

That cost is small for the health of the staff but high for what may turn into an unused whimsy. Also it struck at our hacker core that a simple hardware issue would cost so much.

With that in mind we decided to build our own attached desk. So we got a much more modest machine, took apart the control unit, fitted a custom table top and built the unit back in.

With the proof firmly being in the eating of the pudding, I am writing this as I walk at two miles per hour on the new machine.

Damn the capricious, yet functional, nature of our hackery and whimsy.

Working out where to drill

Working out where to drill<br />

Mark and Ian with tools - fear

Mark and Ian with tools - fear<br />

The newly fitted control unit

The newly fitted control unit<br />