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April 2014 News

April 2014 News Archive

Tue Apr 1 00:00:00 2014

This is the Shadowcat news archive for April 2014.

Matt S. Trout to Attend and Present at Dutch Perl Workshop

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Dbic Hack

This weekend is the first DBIx::Class Hackathon organised by Jess 'Castaway' Robinson and James 'theorbtwo' Mastros in the wonderful(1) town of Swindon. Castaway is well known to the Perl community as a prolific docs writer, herder of cats and helpful face in many channels and it was her idea to hold the hackathon.

DBIx::Class has become the almost de facto standard for Perl ORMs in the past few years and is extremely prolific in the corporate environment and has a long association with Shadowcat. The original author of the project was our very own Matt S. 'mst' Trout who will be attending the hackathon this weekend. The logo was designed by Mark 'mdk' Keating who will also be at the hackathon.

Of course these are not the only staff we are taking to this principal event; Tom 'TBsliver' Bloor, Ian 'idn' Norton and Peter 'ribasushi' Rabbitson will also be attending and representing the SC Crew. Of course castaway herself is also a member of the Shadowcat fraternity so we are fully ingrained in this event.

Ribasushi is the current Dbic Maint Manager and his presence, with mst and castaway, secures the almost holy trinity of Dbic personnel.

The event has been sponsored by Shadowcat, Eligo and CTRL-O and heavily supported in the Dbic community. If you are attending this weekend we will see you there, for everyone else watch this site as we are sure to write up the events that occur.

(1) Okay so I know to most people Swindon has to fight Slough for the most depressing place accessible from the M40, but that's the new part of Swinny and a tad unfair. The Old Town is lovely.