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Velociraptor goes to Sofia

Matt S. Trout to Keynote the SOV at YAPC::EU::2014

Thu Aug 7 12:00:00 2014

This year the YAPC::EU Conference (Yet Another Perl Conference :: Europe) will be held in the beatiful, and historic, city of Sofia in Bulgaria and Shadowcat's very own Matt S. Trout will present his State of the Velociraptor keynote at the event.

The State of the Velociraptor (SoV) has become a staple performance at the European and American conferences over the last few years and it is especially nice to be able to present them again this year.

As always the performance and content of the SoV will be different in each event so a viewing of the previous performance on You Tube will likely reveal less than anticipated, and it is a well-known tale that Matt is best seen in person (if only for the pure theatre).

If you are attending the event then please feel free to come along and say hello to Matt and to pass along business cards/introductions for him to return with to the towers of Castle Shadowcat.