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Return of an Intern

Supporting A Student Placement

Fri Feb 7 15:10:00 2014

As many of you are aware last year Shadowcat took on a work intern in the shape of Tom Bloor to trial the possibility of a new development area and a new staff member.

The trial was a great success and Tom eventually became a valued member of staff and our youngest employee. Since then we have been in communication with a university student about the possibility of a placement.

To begin with we were simply advising the student on the manner in which you might approach a company like Shadowcat, who are committed to Open Source software and ideals, for a work placement. the placement, which is a year in industry component of a degree, would see the student work as a full time employee to structured programme of events.

We were impressed by the student, their dedication to the community (they are already a freenode admin) and their ability to work on projects. Matt S. Trout, our CTO, was already familiar with their skills and competence from online collaboration of community projects.

It is why we took the decision to offer them a place with the Shadowcat team, to work alongside us on a range of projects. This week we are happy to announce that they have accepted and will be joining us at the end of July. We will keep you posted with more details.