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Kendal Engineering Society

Ian and Mark to talk to the Mechanical Masses

Mon Jan 6 20:50:00 2014

On Thursday, 23rd January 2014, Ian Norton and Mark Keating, General Manager and CEO of Shadowcat Systems respectively, will give an evening full of lectures at Kendal Engineering Society.

The subject of the talks will be:

An Open Source World, by Mark Keating

The Practical Users Guide to How the Internet Works: An Introduction, by Ian Norton

Mark's talk will broadly cover such themes as:

  • What the heck is Open Source?
  • Is there an idiots guide to the ideology?
  • Who Uses Open Source
  • What are the Open Source Tools for Business

The broader focus of this talk by Mark is to introduce Shadowcat Systems and Open Source. What Mark hopes people take away is an introduction to the underlying philosophy and a yearning to use and learn more about the free tools available.

Ian will be discussing the physical nature of the Internet and how elements actually connect to each other. In his practical introduction he hopes to cover:

  • DNS
  • Ethernet
  • TCP/IP
  • Sessions
  • Hosts
  • tlc
  • and perhaps a delve into the ISO7 layer model.

Ian will use a wanton disregard to holding an allegory by constructing simple imagery of usage based upon the telephone model and with possibly no reference whatsoever to the Kingston-upon-Hull exchange system of the 1930s.

Both of these talks are aimed at the beginners or the casual listener. Ian and Mark hope to provide an insight that is light, frothy and thoroughly caffeinated.

If you can make it to the Engineering Society event in January, Ian and Mark, will look forward to seeing you there and to perhaps sharing a light amber nectar with you after the event.