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Assembling the Troops

Getting More Devs in the Toy Box

Thu Jan 16 14:30:00 2014

Once again Castle Shadowcat is graced this week by the arrival of two of our distance fellowship. Last year, you might recall if you read these news pages regularly, we started a programme of bringing all the Shadowcat team together at regular intervals.

This week it is the turn of Robert Sedlacek and Paul Evans (who are respectively known as phaylon and LeoNerd on irc) to visit the dungeons and be encased in the suffering embrace of the Iron Maiden.*

I is going to be fun having these two in the office all week and to getting to know them better socially. Phaylon has been a member of the Shadowcat team for longer than either of us care to discuss to all the youngsters in the office and this is his first time in our particular ivory towers.

It is a great week for them to be here in Lancaster when the weather is so typically British and when we will be having other visits.

We are hoping to have the next event in March to coincide with a series of meetings with a potential client who wishes to visit us.

Robert hard at coding

Robert hard at coding

Paul and Monitors

It didn't take Paul long to fit extra screens into his workspace

  • A reference to the torture device and the Heavy Metal Band, not the dog.