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Evil Cat

Looking like a Feline Terminator

Mon Mar 10 12:30:00 2014

Those of you that follow the news here at Castle Shadowcat will be very familiar with the work of our almost-an-artist-in-residence Jack Knight of Knighttime Creations. You will have seen many images of staff and cats go by with the dubious ‘the animated’ moniker.(1)

Recently we asked Jack to draw us a new cat or two to add to the existing brace of cats. The first of these who goes by the name of Moggles was published in today’s companion news article. Here is the second. He has no name. He possible has a series number - something like SC-T800. He's a bit badass. We call him evil cat and he has a range of backdrops.

I Present Evil Cat

Looking like a cross between Terminator and Hal this is our Dark Side of the Lune cat who walks in shadow like a scary-assed night.

All we can say is bravo Jack another great creation.


(1) Yes we know they are more illustrated than animated, but they look so lifelike you can imagine the motion.