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Tonight's the Knight...

Mon Mar 3 09:30:00 2014

We at Castle Shadowcat have always been keen advocates of the community. Mark and Matt as Board members of the Enlightened Perl Organisation, Mark as a member of The Perl Foundation Steering and Marketing Committees, Kimball Johnson being Chair and Ian Norton council member of FLOSS UK. It comes as no surprise that we, as an organisation, should become corporate members of FLOSS UK.

[Free and Libre Open Source Software UK (FLOSS UK) is a non-for-profit organisation, for the sharing and betterment of open IT through conferences and education. If you’ve never heard of them check out their website.

Paul McGee

So as a team from Shadowcat prepares to head down to Brighton for the FLOSS UK Spring conference, which is being held from the 18th to 20th of March, it has been remarked that Shadowcat were becoming the ‘Open Source Mafia’, we prefer the phrase ‘Open Source Knights’(1).

(1) Should this be the Knights of Open Source or 'KoOS'.